Takeda, Immusoft Partnered to Develop Cell Therapies for Rare Neurometabolic Disorder


Immusoft, a cell therapy company, which has been dedicated to improve the lives of the patients with rare diseases and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited has partnered for the purpose of developing and commercializing the transformative cell therapies in the rare inherited metabolic disorders along with the central nervous system manifestations and the complications that has been using the immune system programming technology platform of the company Immusoft, that has been modifying the B cells of the patients along with instructing the cells for the delivery of the gene therapies.

This partnership is going to be focusing on the delivery of the protein therapeutics across the blood and brain barrier, which has been a promising area of the research of Immusoft, that is having the potential for the purpose of enabling the treatment of the disease along with the high need that are not needed.

Under the partnership, the company Immusoft is going to receive an undisclosed upfront payment along with the research funding support, and the company is also going to be eligible for receiving the future option fees, along with the milestone payments that is having a potential value of over 900 million dollars if all the options had been exercised and all the goal are going to be achieved over the course of the partnership.

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Sean Ainsworth, CEO of Immusoft said, they are very excited for entering this collaboration with Takeda, for advancing their leadership position in the B cells as the bio factories for the delivery of therapeutic protein.