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Merck Launches Merck Digital Sciences Studio

Merck, announced the launch of the Merck Digital Sciences Studio (MDSS) to enable the production of the new innovative technologies for development and discovery of drug. MDSS will be supporting early-stage biomedical startup companies with direct investment, and access to powerful Azure Cloud computing and several other opportunities to pilot

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ZEISS Microscopy and LabCentral Partnered to Support Biotech Research Start-ups in Boston, US

ZEISS Microscopy has announced a strategic partnership with LabCentral, which is a non-profit company has a Launchpad for promising the biotech start-ups. ZEISS is also going to provide the access for the main life science microscopy innovations for the imaging and analysis solutions to the researchers in the footprint of

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UK-based Pulsar Fusion Test Chemical Rocket Engine that Can Launch People into Space

The power of nuclear fusion can possibly propel the future astronauts to the space, and Pulsar Fusion, a nuclear fusion company based in the United Kingdom has now successfully developed and tested the company’s first launch high-power and capable rocket engine. The first static test on a hybrid rocket engine had

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