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Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Must Not Recklessly Attack Idlib Province: Donald Trump


The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies Iran and Russia were warned by the American President Donald Trump to not to “recklessly attack” in the disputed province of Idlib, which would kill hundreds of thousands of people.

Trump, in April, has said that it is time to bring back the American troops as soon as the jihadists of the ISIS had been finally defeated. Refusing to withdraw his decision, the American President is determined to finish Syria’s war, heading for 7 years, quickly.

Slamming Syrian President on Twitter, he wrote:

Trump's tweet


About three million people, in that region, are on the verge of getting killed by the Russian forces who are triumphantly standing on one of the last parts of Syria. The Russian navy, on Friday, stood contrived in the Mediterranean, whereas an armoured convoy from the Turkish army was sent into Syria.

The American diplomats have continuously been warning Moscow, which has been previously alleged to overlooking the chemical weapon that was used by its Syrian proteges. However, no heed is paid by Syria to these “verbal warning shots”, as stated by a researcher.

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He said, “Assad is advancing on the ground, aided by Iran by land and Russia by air, while the United States places its hopes on an UN-backed Geneva peace process that might best be described as moribund.”

Concurrently, Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, in a visit to Damascus discussed plans for a forthcoming summit amid Iranian, Russian, and Turkish leaders which is to be held on 7th September, as per a report. Likewise, Turkey has been reliably supporting Russia and Iran on talks over Syria and has its troops spread in the Idlib region for an observation mission.