Symetra Launched CSR Program Committing to Social Impact Across Community, Environment and Government Practices


Symetra, a provider of the employee benefits, life insurance and annuities has announced the launch of the company’s first CSR (corporate social responsibility) program known as Symetra Social Impact by establishing a strategic CSR roadmap and also outlining the goals of the program through 2025.

As the program has been unified under an equity and inclusion framework that has been emphasizing the social impact and this program is integrating the environmental sustainability, community and governance efforts for more broadly influencing and driving the positive outcomes for the employees, customers and communities.

Margaret Meister, chief executive officer and president of Symetra Financial Corporation said that, the Symetra Social Impact is establishing their long-term commitment to the people and the communities, to the planet and to the customers of the company and also for more broadly influencing and driving the positive social change.

She also said that, with the launch of their first initiative of CSR (corporate social responsibility) they are now taking another step forward towards the fully realization of their vision for the purpose of creating a world where more people will be having the access to the financial freedom and also living to the company’s aspiration for being the most inclusive insurance company of the country.

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