Swire Coca-Cola to Acquire Coca-Cola Bottling Businesses in Cambodia and Vietnam


Swire Coca-Cola Limited, a subsidiary owned by Swire Pacific Limited, will now acquire Coca-Cola subsidiaries with bottling businesses in Cambodia and Vietnam. With young demographics, the increasing urbanization and pre-pandemic GDP growth of more than 7 percent per year, and both Cambodia and Vietnam had open up significant opportunities for Swire Coca-Cola.

Swire Coca-Cola, which is the fifth biggest bottling partner of the Coca-Cola company by global volume with a portfolio of 62 brands, is already covering Greater China and the western region of the US.

In making its first investments in Southeast Asia, the company will gain a strong position in one of the fastest growing beverage markets in the world. After closing, Swire Coca-Cola will own and operate Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Ltd., which mainly has three bottling facilities in Vietnam. The company will also own Cambodia Beverage Company Ltd. with its bottling facility in Cambodia.

The franchise population of Swire Coca-Cola will expand by 15 percent to approximately 876 million people. Currently, the bottlers are the number one sparkling beverage players in Cambodia and Vietnam.

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Patrick Healy, chairman of Swire Coca-Cola, said this acquisition will mark an important milestone for the company, and will significantly expand their operating footprint and population served to a new region.

He added that they have been investing in building and providing a world-class bottling system over the past 57 years, and this expansion of territories is part of a broader strategy to expand the global scale, revenues, and volume of their bottling business.