Typhoon Yutu

Super Typhoon Yutu Slammed the Northern Mariana Islands of the US


A terrible super typhoon, on Wednesday, smashed the Northern Mariana Islands, a US Commonwealth that is situated in the Pacific Ocean and consists of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

In the population of about 52,000 people, more than 100 homes are said to be destroyed. Meteorologists have discovered this catastrophe to be the strongest storm ever to hit the areas of the US this year.

President Donald Trump, on Wednesday, declared an emergency in the Northern Mariana Islands along with authorizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency for beginning the disaster relief efforts.

This storm Yutu, surpassed Tinian, the islands that are 14 hours ahead of the East Coast, at Thursday midnight at a wind speed of more than 180 mph which is equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane.

Edwin K. Propst, one of the representatives at Commonwealth, on a phone call, told that he along with his family spent a restless night in Saipan, he said, “Last night, it was like a freight train and a 747 were racing, and you’re right in between them.” After the storm stopped, he went out to survey the damage. “I visited several constituents who lost it all. Their homes, their valuables, their prized possessions,” he added.

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Brandon Aydlett, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Tinian, told the reporters about a number of collapsed roofs, fallen power lines, and decimated trees in Saipan. “I would say this is catastrophic damage,” he added.