Study: US Could Have Saved Over 338,000 Lives From Covid-19 With Universal Healthcare


According to a study, the United States could have possibly saved over 338,000 lives and more than 105 billion dollars in the healthcare costs in the novel corona virus pandemic along with a universal healthcare system.

Over one million people have died in the United States from the novel corona virus in part because of the fragmented and inefficient healthcare system of the United States has meant the uninsured people has faced the financial barriers that has delayed the diagnosis and has also exacerbated the transmission.

The United States had the highest death rate caused for the novel corona virus among the large and wealthy countries and has also been the only one among such developed countries without the universal healthcare. According to the data, it has been spending around twice as much on the healthcare per capita as the other wealthy countries across the world.

According to the lead author of the study, the current healthcare system in the United States has been inefficient economically and is leaving millions of the people of the United States without having adequate access to the medical treatment.

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The authors have also recommended that, the United States is going to adopting Medicare for all the people, which is a single-payers healthcare program for the purpose of facilitating the recovery from the ongoing crisis and also bolstering the preparedness of the novel corona virus pandemic.