Study: REN Comparable to Standard-Care Prescribed Medications to Treat Chronic Migraines


Theranica, a digital therapeutics company, has conducted a study comparing the effectiveness of Remote Electrical Neuromodulation (REN) to standard-care medications for the acute treatment of chronic migraine. The study concludes that REN, administered by the flagship therapeutic wearable of Theranica, provides an effective non-pharmaceutical alternative to the standard-care abortive medications in individuals affected by chronic migraine.

Brian Grosberg, director of the Hartford Healthcare Headache Program, said chronic migraine is a disabling condition, which is diagnosed when a migraine patient experiences at least 12 headache days per month.

According to Brian Grosberg, the recent consensus statement of the American Headache Society recommends that, to avoid medication overuse, patients with migraine should be instructed to limit medication use to two headache days per week.

Brian Grosberg said that chronic migraine patients often have four, five, or six headache days per week. To treat patients effectively and safely, they should expand the first-line standard-care treatment options beyond the medications. The study also provides a strong comparison of REN to prescribed medications, further reinforcing the conclusion that REN provides a much-needed alternative to acute migraine treatment without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment.

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