Study: Millions in UK Forced to Skip Meals for a Whole Day


According to a new study, food security in the United Kingdom has resulted in millions citizens skipping meals for a whole day. The Food Foundation charity showed that the situation has deteriorated in the past months, and it was made worse by the cost of living crisis in the country.

The food crisis in the United Kingdom has been increasing for quite some time, with the supply chain getting severely affected because of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the Ukraine-Russia war. It also resulted in rising inflation, which means one out of five low-income families has faced scarcity of food.

Among the families affected by food insecurity, the data also showed that children is having a very hard time. As demand are raised to provide free meals to children from vulnerable families, the majority of primary schools have not implemented any proper system till now.

Naomi Duncan, chief executive of Food Foundation charity, said that the current situation in the United Kingdom is getting much worse, and they call on the government to extend eligibility for free school meals to all the families receiving universal credit, so that the provided support reaches the kids who need it most.

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