Study: Covid-19 Reinfections May Increase New Health Problems


According to the study, repeatedly catching Coronavirus appears to increase the chances that a person will be facing new and sometimes long-lasting health problems after their Covid-19 infection.

The study, which has been based on the health records of over 5.6 million people that were treated in the VA Health System, identified that, compared with the people with just one Covid-19 infection, and the people with two or more Covid-19 infections had over twice the risk of dying.

According to the study, the people also had high risks for lung and heart problems, digestive and kidney disorders, fatigue, diabetes and neurologic problems. The findings of the study come as a fresh wave of the Covid-19 variants, and notably BA.5 sub-variants of Omicron have become dominant in the United States and Europe, along with causing hospitalizations and cases to increase once again.

BA.5 sub-variant of Omicron caused around 54 percent of cases across the country, doubling the share of Covid-19 transmission over the previous two weeks. BA.5 sub-variant carries main mutations that provide help in escaping the antibodies generated by both Covid-19 vaccines and prior infection, which is leaving many people vulnerable to the reinfection.

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Dr. ziyad Al-Aly, a clinical epidemiologist, who led the research, said he had decided to do it after watching the Covid-19 reinfections become more and more common among his very own patients.