Study: Antibodies are Less Effective Against Delta Covid-19 Variant


According to a study led by the researchers from United Kingdom and India, there had been a six-fold drop in the ability of the antibodies from a previous infection for the purpose of neutralizing the Delta variant of the novel corona virus, and a bigger eight-fold decrease in the potential of the antibodies have been elicited by the novel corona virus vaccines.

According to the researchers, the study is responsible for combining the findings from the lab experiments and the analysis of the breakthrough cases of the corona virus for the purpose of piecing together the indications of the Delta covid-19 variant, that is being better at the replication and resisting the antibodies, and these traits have been helping the study to rapidly overtake the Alpha variant.

Professor Ravi Gupta of the Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology and infectious Disease said, through the study, they have shown that, the Delta variant of the novel corona virus has been better at the replication and spreading the other most commonly observed variants of the virus.

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He also said, there has been evidence that is responsible for neutralizing the antibodies that were produced as a result of the past infection or the vaccination have been less effective at stopping this novel corona virus variant, and these factors have also been contributing to the devastating wave in the country of India during the first quarter of 2021.

The second part of the study has been involving the analysis of the breakthrough infections among the all the healthcare workers.