Streaming Prices of Amazon Music To Increase in US, UK and Canada


Amazon has confirmed that, from 5th May 2022, the company is increasing the prices of its main streaming music plans in the multiple markets. The very first of those plans has been the individual plan Amazon Music Unlimited, which is an all-you-can-eat and on-demand streaming for the customers who are additionally Amazon Prime members.

The members of Amazon Prime has previously been able for subscribing to this plan in the United States for 7.99 dollars per month and from May 2022, this price point is going to be increasing to 8.99 per month, and alternatively, the individual Prime members in the States is going to be able for taking out an annual subscription to the Amazon Music Unlimited for 89 dollars per year, which has been increased from 79 dollars per year.

Amazon is also increasing the price of the Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan for the Prime members in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, and the price of the Amazon Music Unlimited for the customers without a membership of Amazon Prime, which is currently 9.99 dollars per month in the United States are going to remain unchanged.

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In Addition, Amazon is also increasing the price of the company’s Amazon Music Single-Device Plan, which is giving the users access to the complete Amazon Music Unlimited service, but has been locked to a single and eligible Fire TV or Echo device.