Heavy Rainfall

Storm Florence Fades, Heavy Rainfall Expected To Continue At US East Coast


Dreadful storm Florence, on Sunday, damped North Carolina by heavy rainfall along with drenching the whole coastal city of Wilmington. Hundreds of thousands of homes and properties damaged resulting into worst situation of the flood while rivers were on their bursting point.

Having enfeebled on Sunday, the storm is still expected to stay with its calamitous impact. A total of fourteen people are said to be killed by this havoc and a few deaths remain unconfirmed, as stated by the North Carolina officials.

National Weather Prediction Centre’s Meteorologist Zack Taylor stated, “This is still a catastrophic, life-threatening storm.” He added, “This storm is still deadly and dangerous and it’s expected to turn northward later today into Virginia and the mid-Atlantic.”

Around 50 people, who were stuck in the flood, were lifted by helicopter in the North Carolina. Roy Cooper, North Carolina’s Governor, also expressed his feelings about the same. He said, “This system is unloading epic amounts of rainfall, in some places measured in feet and not inches. Rivers will continue to rise days after the rain has stopped.”

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Whereas, in the South Carolina, law enforcement officers were looking after to prevent probable looting activities in the evacuated areas. A curfew on Saturday took place for the same in the Wilmington province.