Starbucks Re-introduced Reusable Cups at Stores Across US


On Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, Starbucks have re-introduced the reusable cups across the stores operated by the company in the United States of America. The company Starbucks have also stopped allowing the reusable cups early on in the novel corona virus pandemic, as the company has reintroduced the reusable cup policy, which the company has been implementing along with the some of the strategies and tactics for decreasing the touchpoints between the stores and the customers.

The returning of the reusable cups has been a part of the commitment of the company Starbucks for decreasing the single-use cup waste and its goal for decreasing the waste by 50 percent by the year 2030, and the customers is also going to be getting a discount of 10 cents on the beverage of Starbucks, if they are going to be using a reusable cup.

The officials of Starbucks have also decided that, ceramic mug is going to be used for the purpose of transportation of the reusable cup through the bar as the stores for making the beverage. The barista of Starbucks has been mostly checking the cleanliness of the cup and the customer hangs onto the lid of the cup, and only the clean cups are going to be accepted.

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The Starbucks baristas is not going to be able for cleaning the cups for the customers and the reusable cup at the store is going to be placed in a ceramic mug so that, the beverage can be produced without the barista for touching the cup again, and the barista helps in placing the ceramic mud down and the customers can easily pick them.