Sonic Healthcare USA Announced Testing Availability for Monkeypox Disease


Sonic Healthcare USA starts testing for Monkeypox disease by using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Non-variola Orthopoxvirus, along with high complexity RT-PCR molecular assay.

The test is also performed at the Sonic Reference Laboratory based in Austin, Texas, and is also available for the providers to order through all Sonic clinical laboratories, which are located across the United States.

Medical and scientific leaders of Sonic Healthcare USA will continue to monitor the Monkeypox outbreak in the United States and expand access for testing. According to the US CDC, currently there are more than 1000 cases confirmed in the United States. US CDC recommends that healthcare providers should be alert for patients with a rash consistent with the disease regardless of risk factors that are previously associated with the virus.

Sonic Healthcare USA is a subsidiary of Sonic Healthcare Limited, which is one of the largest medical diagnostic companies in the world, along with providing laboratory services to the hospitals, community health services, and medical practitioners, along with operations in seven countries, and providing care to more than 100 million patients every year.

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Sonic Healthcare USA utilizes a federated business model that emphasizes testing services based on medical leadership and community to provide outstanding quality and service to the doctors and the patients whom they serve.