Snapchat Creates Tool To Learn Sign Language For Its Users


A team of the engineers that are deaf called as the Deafengers has now created a new Snapchat feature, which is called as ASL Alphabet that is now aiming to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing worlds by helping the people for the purpose of learning the American Sign Language.

The company ‘Snapchat’ has been working on for eradicating some of the communication barriers that has been portrayed in the film known as Coda. The new lens enabled by augmented reality, that had been made in the partnership with the technology company known as SignAll, is responsible for teaching the people or users how to fingerspell the name and also practice the American Sign Language alphabet. This new lens also has a game for the purpose of tracking the progress and also tells that, the users are getting right or wrong.

The new ASL Alphabet Lens has essentially been a more advanced and educational version of the three kinds of augmented reality lenses that are made in the partnership with the SignAll, which Snapchat debuted in the month of September 2021 during the occasion of International Week of the Deaf.

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A deaf engineer of Snapchat said, they want a world for understanding that sign language has been important and the signing everyone has been very important. There are around 48 million deaf and hard hearing people in the United States, and he is seeing it as a very much needed tool for the purpose of helping the people to communicate with the deaf community in the country.