Snap Introduced New Cameo Partnership, New Ad Format and Original Programming


The company ‘Snap’ has introduced several more initiatives across the content and advertising during the company’s presentation at the 2022 NewFronts. The company is also going to be launching a new creator program in the partnership with the celebrity greeting app known as Cameo, along with a new advertising product called as the Snap Promote and also a slate of the new original programs.

According to a new offering, the Snap x cameo Advertiser Program had been built by Snap and is created by Cameo for Business. This program has been allowing the video advertisers of Snapchat and the ability for partnering with the top talent of Cameo to create custom short-form video advertisements for the social media app.

The company also said that, this is including more than 45,000 celebrities on Cameo such as the athletes, actors, musicians, reality stars, along with the influencers and others and it is also potentially offering another way for the top creators for making money by connecting them with the new partnership of the advertisers through Snapchat followed by the Creator Marketplace of Snap.

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The portion of Snap Ads of the campaign also had a video view rate of 3x the retail category average and the participants in the campaign has also included the public figures and the advertisement product. This new solution is aiming at the content partners which is offering a way for expanding beyond the organic reach with the For You feed of Snapchat on the stories page.