Snap Inc expanding Its Augmented Reality Expansion in Asia and Latin America


The company Snap Inc, has been spreading up the global expansion of the company in the countries across the globe from Mexico to Japan through the tie-ups with the wireless carriers and also highlighting the popular augmented reality features of the company.

Snap, which the parent company of the Snapchat, a photo messaging application has been leaning on the company’s relative safety during a particular time period when the social media companies or platforms such as Twitter, Facebook of Meta, TikTok and Youtube that are now being scrutinized across the world over the harmful content, along with the cyber-security protections and lax privacy, which has been responsible for leading the company to the bans of the services in most of the countries.

The company ‘Snap’ has now largely been remained unscathed by the regulators and governments across the world and the company has now developed a playbook for the purpose of attracting the users in the new markets across the world that are playing up the appeal of the company’s light hearted lenses of the augmented reality. This can also be overlaying the computerized the images on the top of the ephemeral messaging and physical world between the two close friends.

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While rebuilding the Android app of the company ‘Snap’ in the middle of the year 2019, that has been responsible for making Snapchat more usable for the people that are living outside the United States and the continent of Europe.