Small Businesses Still Struggling To Find Enough Workers in US


Some of the small businesses in the United States have been still struggling to hire the qualified workers even as the people of the United States return to the job market of the United States in droves. Retaining and hiring the employees still remains the top challenge for the small businesses and according to a survey 90 percent of the businesses that are now hiring have been finding it more difficult for recruiting the qualified candidates for the open positions.

Generally, the job market of the United States has been sizzling and an unexpected strong recovery from the brief but the corona virus recession has left the company struggling for recalling the workers which they had laid off in the year 2020.

Over the previous years, the employers of the United States has now added an average of over 540,000 jobs every moth and the Labor Department of the country is also expected for reporting that, the employers have hired another 396,000 employees in the month of April 2022.

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The owners of the small businesses still believe that, the job market of the United States has been a tale of two recoveries and 88 percent of the respondents in the survey said that, the small businesses have been struggling more related to the large companies in the local communities.