Sleepiz Launched Contactless Device for Patient Monitoring in the US


US FDA listing paves the way for Sleepiz’s entry into the US market and it enables contactless, in-home respiration and measuring heart rate for remote patient monitoring and innovative medical study design.

Sleepiz, medical technology company based in Switzerland has registered its Sleepiz One+ contactless respiration and heart rate measuring device with the US FDA. Followed by the successful market launch of the company in India and Europe, the FDA listing paves the way for the company to offer its solution for remote patient monitoring and clinical trials in the US.

Sleepiz One+ is the first respiration monitoring devices to record and track patient data in a contactless manner during their sleep. The technology of Sleepiz allows for entire new insights into the health of patients as clinicians no longer have to rely on spot-cjeck measurements but also have access to continuous data.

This new information allows to detect changes in the respiratory rate, which can also be an early predictor of diseases such as pneumonia and cardiac arrest, and point to the exacerbation of patients suffering from the chronic pulmonary disease.

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This FDA listing will allow Sleepiz partners in the United States to use Sleepiz One+ for remote patient monitoring, and integrating the device into clinical study platforms in order to monitor patient’s respiratory rate in a convenient and validated way.