SK Hynix and Samsung to Strengthen Semiconductor Business in US


The companies Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have now partnered for strengthening the semiconductor businesses in the region of North America through the changes of the executives and recent promotions, and according to the industry, on 10th December 2021, the company ‘Samsung Electronics’, which has been the new leaderships of Kang In-yup as the resident and head of DSA (Devices Solutions Americas) for the DS Division.

This has been the first time that as manager at the level of the president has been appointed for the DSA and the DSA, which has been located in the region of Silicon Valley, the United States, has been a leading research institute of the DS division of Samsung Electronics, and it has been aiming for leading the innovation by the development of a growth engine.

The industry has analysed that, the company ‘Samsung Electronics’ has been strengthening the business for the purpose of targeting the market of North America by promoting the head of the DSA.

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The new president of Samsung Electronics has been an excellent in the development of modem and had also served as the head of the System LSI division, which has been responsible for the non-memory semiconductors and also developing the related technologies.

The technology has also analyzed of the key role in the process of achieving the system semiconductor vision of the Samsung Electronics 2030 along with contributing to the diversification of the lines of the product based on the technological leadership.