Sinclair to Launch Tennis Channel as a Streaming Service in UK


The company ‘Sinclair’ has recently announced, it has launched the company’s Tennis Channel International service in the United Kingdom, and this move has been followed by the launch of the service in the countries including Austria, Germany and Switzerland in 2020 along with the launch of the services in Greece in 2022.

Sinclair said, the service Tennis Channel International of Sinclair has been featuring a 24-hour streamed programming channel and it is also going to be the television platform of United Kingdom that is exclusively devoted to the sport tennis.

The service is going to be available in the United Kingdom at its official website and also through the mobile application ‘Tennis Channel International’, which will be available on both the Android and iOS devices like smartphones and tablets, along with on FireTV, Roku, and several smart TVs for 2,49 pounds per month.

Ken Solomon, president of Tennis Channel said, since they have launched the Tennis Channel in the United States, the people across the world have been continuously asking when they are going to bring the service to their country, and now it is actually happening.

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Ken Solomon also said, with the daily tournaments happening simultaneously across the world, the sheer volume of the coverage and demand for the game tennis is requiring TV and digital platforms along with the territory specific and 24-hour service, that has been devoted exclusively to the sport of Tennis, and they all have proven that, it works great in the United States of America.