Shell Acquires Fuel Card Business MSTS Payments


The oil company ‘Shell’ has acquired the company ‘MSTS Payments and the company’s Multi Service Fuel Card business from the Multi Service Technology Solutions (TreviPay), and the acceptance of the fuel card network that is providing Shell with a payment network, which is closed-loop used at the thousands of the truck stops in the region of North America.

Tim Murray, general manager of the Shell commercial road transport, sectors and decarbonisation said, the acquisition of the Multi Service Fuel Card business has been providing the company ‘Shell’ with the needed and important technology, the business infrastructure and the talent for accelerating the growth of the company’s commercial cards business, along with CVPs (Customer Value Propositions) and services.

Tim Murray also said, they are very confident that, this string acceptance network and IT platform is going to be helping them to deliver a customer experience, which is going to be translating it for adding growth for the businesses of North America Commercial Road Transport of Shell in the region.

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The company MSTS Payments is going to operating as completely owned subsidy of Shell Oil Company and it is also going to remain in the region of Kansas, and the company ‘Shell’ has also been planning to add the services for the purpose of enhancing the customer experience along with leveraging the heavy duty diesel engine of the oil brand known as ‘Shell Rotella’ for the purpose of trucking the fuel economy savings, along with capability of drain extension, excellent wear protection and engine cleanliness.