Sensely Announced Partnership With Keralty S.A.S In US


The company ‘Sensely’ has announced a new multi-year partnership with the Keralty S.A.S, which has been a multinational health organization.

The company’s American addiliate Sanitas USA Inc., said that, in the United States, the company ‘Sanitas’ has been planning to integrate the white-labelled Sensely technology into the patient facing the mySanitas app, which has been a fully featured integrated solution that is modernizing the patient experience by offering the one tap access for the complete care, along with the wellness and disease programs, virtual assistance, access to the medical history of the patients and health and social services resources.

The main thing is, the patients have been seen by the same doctors of Sanitas and the care teams whether they can connect remotely. As delivered through an SDK, the character based chat interface of Sensely has been utilizing a customized the brand ambassador, and the solution has been completely localized into the both Spanish and English, along with making sure the equity of the access across the diverse member base of Sanitas.

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An optional voice mode has been featuring the state of the art known as text-to-speech technology for the purpose of ensuring a natural and the patient experience along with the speech of the recognition so that, the patients can possibly describe their symptoms by using the common language.

The Sensely Symptom Checker has been an important element that, the patients of Sanitas can possibly use for quickly checking their symptoms and also finding out what to do next.