Scripbox Partners with Stockal to Enable Direct Investments in US Stocks


On Tuesday, 6th July 2021, Scripbox, a digital wealth management service announced, the company is going to enable the direct investment in the US stocks on its platform for the purpose of catering a full spectrum of the wealth diversification needs of the customers.

The company Scripbox has already been offering the US equity-based mutual funds on the Scripbox platform, and this new service is going to allow the users for investing in the stocks of the leading companies in the world, that are listed on the US stock exchange along with the index ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

The wealth management service provider ‘Scripbox’ has partnered with the company Stockal, which is a global investment platform for offering the service. According to Scripbox, the announcement has been in the line with the company’s overall strategy of offering the customers of the company, a full stack of the wealth management solutions for the financial needs of the customers.

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Atul Shinghal, founder and CEO of the company ‘Scripbox’ said, they are very happy for extending these opportunities of the additional investment to their investor community through the partnership of Scripbox with the company Stockal, which is a global leader in the financial services.

Atul Shinghal also said, the company ‘Scripbox’ is going to be enabling the investment in the US market effortlessly, as they have been partnering with the customers to manage their wealth with the diversified portfolios, and the company Scripbox is going to be offering the benefits including the guided remittances, easy access and maintenance fees along with the option of investment in the fractional shares.