Scotland’s ‘Cloudsoft’ Helps UK Government to Implement AI-based Covid-19 Test


Cloudsoft, a company specialized in the automation, cloud and the applications based in Edinburgh in Scotland, has now collaborated with the government of United Kingdom for the purpose of bringing an innovative novel corona virus test based on the artificial intelligence technology.

The Scottish company ‘Cloudsoft’ is also going to play a crucial role in providing help to the government of UK for the purpose of implementing this covid-19 test which can detect the corona virus accurately by using the voice data.

Ross Gray, CEO of Cloudsoft said, this new technology based on the artificial intelligence has been the greater good for the people, and they are very proud for being at the forefront of this new technological innovation for the purpose of contributing to overcome from the novel corona virus pandemic.

He also said, with the help of the applications in the real world, this technology can possibly be a game changer for the different types of sectors across the country, that also includes hospitality and travel industry.

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This new corona virus testing application, which can also be responsible in delivering the artificial intelligence technology for the purpose of diagnosing the novel corona virus in the people, and this application can also detect the presence of novel corona virus via the recordings of the people while coughing into the microphone of their smart phones.

For now, this new application has also analyzed more than 70,000 recordings that have been submitted by the volunteers, and out of those 70,000 volunteers, 2,500 volunteers had been those people, who were covid-19 positive.