Scientists: Hundreds of Fully Vaccinated People Hospitalized with Delta Variant in UK


On 6th August 2021, the scientists said, hundreds of the fully vaccinated people in the United Kingdom that have been hospitalized are affected with the highly contagious Delta variant of the novel corona virus, and the Public Health England (PHE) experts have also warned that, there had been early signs that, the people, who have been fully vaccinated might be able to transmit the Delta corona virus strain same like those who are not vaccinated.

The PHE said, between 19th July 2021 to 2nd August 2021, 55.1 percent of the 1,467 people that were hospitalized after getting infected by the Delta covid-19 variant were not vaccinated, and 34.9 percent hospitalized people were fully vaccinated, and PHE also said, as a greater number of the population of the United Kingdom gets vaccinated, they are going to experience a higher relative percentage of the fully vaccinated people in the hospital.

Jenny Harries, Chief Executive at UK Health Security Agency said, the figures of the hospitalizations have been showing that, once again how important it has been that all the people of the United Kingdom should come forward for the purpose of receiving both the doses of the novel corona virus vaccine as soon as possible.

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Jenney Harries also said, the novel corona virus vaccination has been the best tool they are having to keep in themselves and also their loved ones to be safe form the serious risk, the novel corona virus can pose. Although, they should also remember that, the novel corona virus vaccines are not able to eliminate all the risk posed by the corona virus.