Samsung Wallet App Now Available For Download In Selected Countries


Samsung has announced a new service has called Samsung Wallet that is combining all the features of Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass and now, the Samsung Wallet app has been available for downloading it from the Galaxy Store in the selected countries.

The countries now include France, Spain, Italy, Germany, South Korea, the United States and the United Kingdom, where the app has been available and the users can also download the Samsung Wallet app from the Galaxy store.

This new app can possibly store the boarding passes, debit cards, credit cards, digital keys (including home and car keys), health passes, gift cards, membership cards, login passwords and also the cryptocurrency data of the users and all the data has been stored safely and it can possibly be accessed through the biometrics.

The new Samsung Wallet is going to be competing with the Google Wallet that had been launched previously in the month of May 2022. It is also going to compete with the Apple Wallet too and the technology giant of South Korea is planning to gradually expand the availability of the Samsung wallet app to more markets and the company will let the users know when it the company launch the app in the other countries.

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