Samsung Galaxy S10 Gets Android 12 Update in US


The company ‘Samsung’ has now started the launched the update Android 12 to the series of the Galaxy S10 in the United States, and the update had been firstly released in several of the European markets three weeks ago and then the company has now expanded to the countries in the continent of Asia over the upcoming few days.

Currently, the update has now been available to the models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 that are carrier-locked across the United States.

The update of the Android 12 has been launched for the smartphones including Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, and also the Galaxy S10+ across the United States. The Android 12 update is also bringing the security patch of 2022 that has been fixing the different and various security and privacy vulnerabilities, and currently it has also been available on the network of the Xfinity Mobile in the United States, but more number of carriers has been expected for releasing the update soon.

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If the people are using the Galaxy S10 series smartphone in the United States, the people can possibly check for the new update of the Android by navigating to the settings option and then on the software update and later clicking on the download and install option for the update.

The company ‘Samsung’ has also launched the Galaxy S10 series in the year 2019 along with the Android 9 update on board.