Samsung Electronics Launched Together for Tomorrow Vision at CES 2022


The company ‘Samsung Electronics’ has now launched the vision for the future of the company known as Together for Tomorrow at the time of a pre-show keynote event at the CES 2022.

Jong-Hee Han, CEO, vice chairman and head of the DX (Device eXperience) division at the Samsung Electronics had highlighted the efforts of the company for the purpose of ushering in a new era of togetherness, along with the customizable experiences that has been reflecting the evolving lifestyles of the consumers and innovations that have been marking the progress for both the planet and the society.

The vision ‘Together for tomorrow’ of the company has been one that is responsible for empowering everyone for the purpose of creating the positive changes and also driving the collaborations that will be addressing some of the most powerful challenges of the planet.

The keynote at the CES 2022 has also illustrated that, how the company is planning to make the vision a reality by launching a range of the sustainability initiatives along with the purposeful partnerships and also the connected and customizable technologies.

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Jong-Hee Han also said that, he has been very excited for being a part of the vision of the company for witnessing how the innovation can possibly create the positive change and also for joining them along with working together for the tomorrow, and he added that, all these developments are going to be making the sustainability part of the company’s product experience, along with enabling the people for living a more sustainable life.