Sajid Javid: Booster Covid-19 Jab Needed for Big Events in UK


Sajid Javid, health secretary of the United Kingdom said, a corona virus vaccine booster jab is going to be needed as a requirement for qualifying as fully vaccinated in the United Kingdom.

On Monday, 13th December 2021, Sajid Javid said, once all the people of the United Kingdom have a fair opportunity for getting a covid-19 booster vaccine jab, the government of the United Kingdom wants the booster jabs to be necessary for obtaining a pass that has been indicating the status of the fully vaccinated.

The health secretary of the United Kingdom said, the people of the country to show a negative covid-19 test for getting into the large events or the public places along with an exemption for the people who are double vaccinated by the corona virus vaccine, and once all the adult people in the country have got a reasonable chance for getting their booster covid-19 vaccine jab, as they have been intended to change the exemption for mandating a covid-19 booster vaccine dose.

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The booster covid-19 vaccine doses have become an important part of the strategy of the government of the United Kingdom for tackling the rapidly spreading the new Omicron covid-19 variant. The new corona virus variant has shown an ability for evading the induced immunity from the two covid-19 jabs, although, a third dose of the novel corona virus vaccine has been helping to provide adequate protection from the new variant.