Sajid Javid Announced New Health Strategy For England


The patients in England is going to have greater access to GP records through the NHS App and power over how their data is being used followed by the launch of the new health in the data strategy.

Launching the strategy, Sajid Javid, health secretary of the United Kingdom followed by a 200 million pound investment known as trusted research environments (TREs), which has been a form of securing data environments is going to be established for better enabling the researchers for securely accessing the linked NHS Data along with maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security.

Sajid Javid said, the people of the United Kingdom is going to be consulted on a new data pact along with setting out how the healthcare system is going to be using the data of the patient. Sajid Javid has also announced 25 million pounds for the rapid digitisation of the social care for the purpose of meeting the commitment for around 80 percent of the social care providers for the purpose of having digitised the care records in the place by month of March 2024 along with closing the digital divide between the NHS and Social care.

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Sajid Javid TREs is going to be enabling the NHS for the purpose of delivering the cutting-edge and life-saving treatments and inclusive research for the purpose of tackling the entrenched health inequalities, which in turn is going to be allowing the NHS for working through the novel corona virus backlog at a rapid pace.