Russia Looking Into The Italy Peace Plan To End War In Ukraine


Russia said, it had been looking over an peace plan proposal of Italy for ending the conflict in Ukraine. Andrei Rudenko, deputy foreign minister of Russia said, they have received the proposal recently and are now studying in it and he has declined for providing any details by saying that, Russia is going to be commenting at a large stage.

He also said that, it has not been discussed between Italy and Russia and the talks between Ukraine and Russia for ending the hostilities have been essentially grounding to a halt in the war. He also said that, freezing the current negotiations and putting everything on pause has not been their initiative and they are going to be ready for resuming as early as Ukraine showing a constructive position and also providing a reaction to the proposals that has been submitted to it.

The talks between the delegations of Ukraine and Russia have now been held regularly both through video-link and in person since the military offensive of Russia have started on 24th February 2022.

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The foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine have met for the inconclusive talks in the country of Turkey in March 2022, which has been followed by a meeting of the delegations in the region of Istanbul, which is also failed for bringing about the concrete results.