Russia Accused USA for Direct Involvement in Ukraine War


Russia has accused the United States of direct involvement in its war against Ukraine, as the first ship carrying grain from Ukraine to the world markets since the invasion of Russia continued its passage to Lebanon without any problems.

Russia said it was responding to comments by Vadym Skibitsky, deputy head of military intelligence of Ukraine, about the way Ukraine used long-range HIMARS rocket launch systems supplied by the United States based on what he called excellent satellite imagery, and real-time information.

Vadym Skibitsky said there was consultation between the intelligence officials of the United States and Ukraine before the attacks, and that the US government had an effective veto on intended targets, even though he said that US officials were not providing, direct targeting information.

The Defense Ministry of Russia said the interview showed that the government of the United States was directly involved, despite repeated assertions that the United States was limiting its role in the war to arm supplies because the United States did not want a direct confrontation with Russia.

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Defense Ministry of Russia said all this proves that the government of the United States, and Pentagon claims that, it is directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine. The defense ministry added that is the government of the United States that is directly responsible for all rocket attacks on residential areas approve by Ukraine.