RSRG Acquires Division of Balfour Beatty Track Solutions in North America


Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group (RSRG) has now completed the acquisition of the United States Solutions operations of the Balfour Beatty in a deal which is worth 7.25 million dollars, and the acquired business is also going to be operating as RSNA (Rhomberg Sersa North America).

This deal or agreement has been estimated for the purpose of expanding the geographic presence of RSRG, that has been making the company, the largest owner and operator of the cleaning services in the region of North America.

Michael Match, chief executive officer of Rhomberg Sersa North America said, the Balfour Beatty has been successful in investing in some of the best ballast maintenance equipment and technologies, that has also translated into the Track Solution along with becoming a leader in the maintenance of ballast and trackbed, along with the inspection technologies in the United States.

He also said, in the region of Canada, the company has been the leader in the market in the services such as ballast cleaning, specialised urban grinding and milling, and this acquisition is going to be responsible in creating the biggest owner-operator of the ballast cleaning services in the region of North America so far and with the top inspection technologies, they can possibly provide end-to-end solutions for the clients for the purpose of restoring the top of rail and trackbed.

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With the annual revenue of 10 million dollars, and the unit of the company known as Track Solutions has been offering the various services for the rail industry, and among all these services there is ballast cleaning, subgrade management and equipment and inspection of the track.