Roche and Ibex Medical Analytics Partnered to Develop AI-Based Pathology Applications


Roche and Ibex Medical Analytics, a world leader in the artificial intelligence-based cancer diagnostics company has partnered for the purpose of jointly developing an embedded image analysis workflow for the pathologists for the purpose of seamlessly accessing the artificial intelligence algorithms, along with the insights and decision supporting tools by using the NAVIFY Digital Pathology, along with the cloud versions of the uPath enterprise software of Roche.

The partnerships of Roche with the AI-based companies like Ibex have been responsible in making it possible through the Digital Pathology Open Environment of Roche, that has been allowing the pathologists for securely accessing the third-part artificial intelligence powered technology along with the continuously growing AI-based image analysis tools of Roche.

Jill German, head of Roche Diagnostics Pathology Customer Area said, with this partnership of the clinical-grade image analysis tools of Ibex to the company’s NAVIFY Digital Pathology menu, they can possibly aid the pathologists and providers in the process of delivering the patient care by increasing the accuracy and efficiency for the better-quality cancer diagnosis.

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Joseph Mossel, co-founder and CEO of Ibex Medical Analytics said, the digital pathology has been responsible in providing the capability for the purpose of introducing the innovative and new ways for the laboratories for the purpose of improving the efficiency and quality of the cancer diagnosis. He also said that, with the help of Roche, they are now looking forward for transforming the pathology by the process of delivering some powerful Ai-based tools to the fingertips of the pathologists across the globe.