Rishi Sunak Urged UK PM to Ease Covid-19 Travel Rules


Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer of United Kingdom had written a letter to Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of United Kingdom, in which he had urged the prime minister for an urgent easing of the novel corona virus travel restrictions for the purpose of aiding the revival of the economy of United Kingdom.

According to the reports, Rishi Sunak has warned that, the border rules of the United Kingdom are now damaging the tourism and economy, ahead of the meeting of the ministers scheduled for Thursday, 5th August 2021, for the purpose of confirming the upgradation of the traffic light system for the international travel.

According to a source familiar with the letter, Rishi Sunak has been calling for easing the United Kingdom’s travel restrictions, and in the letter, he had also warned that, the border policy of United Kingdom had been out of the step with all their international competitors, and the restrictions are also having a damaging effect on the jobs.

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The meeting scheduled on 5th August 2021, is going to be responsible for deciding what levels of the corona virus restrictions, the travelers are going to face along with the millions of the people that are eagerly waiting to know whether they have to undergo the novel corona virus tests or they are going to face quarantine if they will travel to some of the popular holiday destinations across the continent of Europe in 2021 like the countries including Spain, France and Italy.