Ricoh USA and Stratasys Partnered Point-of-Care Anatomic Modelling Services to Healthcare Facilities


Ricoh USA, digital services company and Stratasys, industrial 3D printer manufacturing company has been partnered for the purpose of providing the point-of-care 3D printed anatomic modelling services to the healthcare facilities in the United States.

This partnership between both the companies will be seeing the 3D printing technology of Stratsys, which has been integrated into the Ricoh 3D of Ricoh USA for the workflow of the healthcare in order to increase the access to the 3D printed medical models for the clinicians and the medical facilities.

The offering of the company has been aiming to remove the barriers such as the staffing issues, requirements of training, and also the budget constraints for the providers of healthcare wishing for running to a 3D printing facility.

Gary Turner, managing director of Ricoh 3D for healthcare facilities said, to date, the access to the anatomical models at the locations of the point-of-care has now been limited to the large hospitals and facilities of healthcare, and their cost-effective solutions has also been expanding for the providers of healthcare of all the sizes.

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Gary Turner also said, by partnering with the company ‘Stratasys’, by an integration with the IBM Watson Health and their ongoing commitment to the innovation, and they are also going to be able to provide the models for any of the facility by using the IBM Connect access. The anatomical modelling has been one of the best established applications of the 3D printing in the healthcare industry.