RIC and LevelTen Partners to Increase Renewable Energy Adoption in North America and Europe


The LevelTen Energy, a leading provider of the renewable transaction infrastructure along with RIC Energy, which is key photovoltaic developer and consultancy of renewable energy, both have entered into a partnership, which is going to be enabling the RIC Energy to source the PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) for the clients through the platform of LevelTen Energy.

With this partnership, the team of the energy consultants of the RIC Energy are going to receive the access to the LevelTen Energy Marketplace, which has been the biggest marketplace in the world, along with more than 1,300 renewable energy projects, that are going to be located in 21 countries across the continents of North America and Europe.

By using the RFP Automation technology of the company LevelTen, the RIC energy is also going to be able for requesting the proposals for custom PPA from more than 470 project developers across both the continents. The clients of the RIC Energy can also be able to leverage the comprehensive suite of CFO-Ready Analytics of the company ‘LevelTen Energy’, that is responsible for calculating more than a billion points of data in a day.

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Jose Manuel Ventura, head of renewables consulting at RIC Energy said, the team of the energy consultants of RIC Energy mainly gives advises to their client companies on different ways for decreasing the energy costs along with implementing the projects, and with this partnership, they can be able to help their clients for entering into the PPAs along with the utility-scale projects of renewable energy, which are going to achieve both of these goals.