Reports: Amazon Likely Testing TikTok Feed in its App


Amazon is likely testing a vertical photo and video feed similar to TikTok in its app internally, with the aim of generating more engagement on its platform. According to reports, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform will be provided to the feed, which is currently known as Inspire, and will appear at the bottom of the navigation bar in the Amazon app.

An Amazon spokesperson said they are constantly testing new features to help make the lives of customers a little easier. When users tap the icon in the Amazon app, they will see posts on the feed, which will include many links to purchase any item featured in the post.

According to the report, this is not the first time that Amazon is following the same strategy and tactics as other major social media apps, and Amazon even has posts, and an Instagram copycat feature, as a part of the company’s advertising tools.

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It is still not clear whether this new feed or feature will be eventually launched on the Amazon app, and these companies often test feature ideas internally, even if some might never be introduced to the public.

Amazon has also joined companies with same idea, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Netflix, etc.