Report: Vodafone Becomes UK’s Largest Provider Of Full-Fibre Broadband


According to the reports, Vodafone has become the largest provider of the United Kingdom of full-fibre broadband. The full-fibre has been up to 25 times faster than the copper broadband and is five times more reliable and the full-fibre services are now available to more than eight million homes, which has been more than the companies including Virgin Media, BT, Sky and Talk Talk.

Max Taylor, consumer director at Vodafone UK said that, at the time of the current cost of living crisis and they are now wanting the consumers for knowing there has been no need for paying too much for an equivalent broadband product and they are urging them for taking a look around for the purpose of getting the best price possible.

He also said that, most of the major broadband providers including Vodafone along with offering the same services so the customers can possibly switch their broadband and are often saving hundreds of pounds.

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Max Taylor also said, as Vodafone is now offering the full fibre to around 8 million homes, which more than any other company and more families that can get the most reliable broadband technology at an affordable price from a brand, which the people or consumers know and trust.

Vodafone has been among the very few service providers in the United Kingdom for the purpose of offering a hybrid broadband solutions that is automatically switching to use a mobile signals during an outrage of fibre.