Report: UK Planning to Build Solar Power Plant in Space


According to the reports, the United Kingdom is planning for building a solar power station in space and is using it to boost the energy down to Earth by using the lasers and more than 50 organisations of the United Kingdom is now including the manufacturers Airbus, along with the Cambridge University and SSTL, a satellite producing company have now joined the Space Energy Initiative of the United Kingdom.

The Space Energy Initiative of the United Kingdom had been launched in 2021 for the purpose of exploring the options for developing a solar energy plant based on the space and this initiative has been aimed at helping the United Kingdom for meeting the target of the country of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050 more effectively than the existing technologies.

According to the reports, all the technology required for developing a solar power plant based on the space has already been already existing and that, the challenge has been the scope and size of the project and this power plant is going to be assembled by the robots in the orbits and is going to be beaming the gigwatts of power from space to Earth by 2035.

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International Electric Company, an engineering company of the United Kingdom has now developed a modular concept called as the CASSIOPeiA (Constant Aperture, Solid-State, Integrated, Orbital Phased Array) and this initiative has currently been exploring this particular concept.