Report: Russia Seeks Military Equipment From China


An official of the United States said that, Russia has asked China for the military equipment for using in the invasion of Russia of Ukraine, which has been a request that has been heightening the tensions regarding the ongoing war ahead of the meeting scheduled in the coming week between the top aides for the governments of the United States and China.

In the advance talks, Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to the government of the United States has been bluntly warning China for the purpose of avoiding to help Russia for evading the punishment from the global sanctions that have been hammering the economy of Russia, and they are not going to be allowing that for going forward.

The prospect of China offering the financial help to Russia has been one of the several concerns for Joe Biden, president of the United States, and an official of the United States said that, in the recent days, the country of Russia has also requested for support from China that is also including military equipment for pressing forward in the ongoing war of Russia with Ukraine.

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The official of the United States has not provide any details on the scope of the request of Russia, and the government of the United States has also been accusing China of spreading the disinformation of Russia that can possibly be a pretext Vladimir Putin, president of Russia and its forces for attacking Ukraine along with the biological or chemical weapons.