Report: Redesigned Microsoft Teams App will be Smart, Fast, and More Intuitive


Since Microsoft introduced Teams in 2017, numerous organizations and individuals around the world have adapted the app to improve productivity and facilitate collaboration. The company released Teams Premium powered by GPT 3.5 earlier this month. It will assist users in creating meeting templates, tasks, and notes.

In a new blog entry, Microsoft declared that it will upgrade Groups with the overhauled variant zeroing in on speed and straightforwardness. In addition to optimizing the amount of memory required by the app, developers claim to have reduced launch time and the amount of time required to join a meeting by half.

Composing a message, searching, using the organization pane, and receiving notifications are all made easier in the updated Teams. Users will no longer need to switch accounts in order to receive notifications from that account, which is yet another significant improvement.

The redesigned Teams preview for Windows has already begun to be made available, and the Mac app will be available later this year. The new Teams app will be available immediately for those participating in the Public Preview program; commercial customers will need to opt in through an ad administrator.

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