Report: Nissan’s Leaf is Now Cheapest Electric Vehicle in the United States


The automobile company ‘Nissan’ has revealed the company 2022 Leaf car model with some more standard features along with a lower base price tag, which is responsible in making it one of the cheapest electric vehicles in the United States.

The Leaf S, the most basic model of Nissan that has a battery of 40 kWh, is currently costs for 27,400 dollars that has also been including the charge of destination or it can cost 20,875 dollars if the customers are qualifying for the federal tax credit of 7,500 dollars.

The price of the car has been dropped from 34,935 dollars to 28,800 dollars, as well as the price of the long-range 62 kWh Leaf SV Plus has now been dropped to 32,400 dollars as compared to 38,245 dollars.

Both the Leaf S and Leaf SV models have been delivering 147 horsepower, along with a torque of 236-pound feet and can go around 149 miles of the EPA range, and the Leaf S Plus car is offering more powerful 160 kWh motor, which is responsible for producing 214 horsepower and a torque of 250-pound feet along with a range of 226 miles.

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The new prices of the cars are going to be responsible for helping the buyers for comparing the prices without having to increase through the hoops, and the new models of the company are also going to have some useful improvements, and the main thing is that, all the Nissan Leaf car models are now including a quick charging port of CHAdeMo, along with the Intelligent Around View of Nissan and ProPilot Assist.