Report: Mouth Cancer Cases Increase in the UK


According to a new report, cases of mouth cancer in United Kingdom increased by more than one-third in last decade and has reached a record high. The number of mouth cancer cases in UK has doubled within the last generation and include common causes such as drinking and smoking with other lifestyle factors.

8,864 people in the country were diagnosed with mouth caner in 2021, with 3,034 people losing their life within the year, says Oral Health Foundation. This is an increase in deaths of 40 percent patients in last 10 years, and a 20 percent increase in the last five years.

These new findings are part of new State of Mouth Cancer UK Report 202 of Oral Health Foundation that is released to coincide with the Mouth Cancer Action Month of November. In the early stages, the symptoms of mouth cancer can be painless, which makes it easy to miss, and symptoms could be a mouth ulcer, which do not heal within three weeks.

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Other symptoms include white or red patches in the mouth, swellings in the head, neck or mouth, and persistent hoarseness in the voice. The other parts to check mouth cancer include gums, lips, inside area of the cheeks, and also floor and roof of the mouth.