Report: More Than 4-Million Children in US are Infected with Covid-19


According to a report, over 4 million children in the United States of America have been infected with the novel corona virus in the United States since the beginning of the novel corona virus pandemic, and according to the figures of on 15th July 2021, 4.09 children in the country have been infected with the novel corona virus.

The corona virus cases have been continuously increasing among the children in the recent months, with 23,500 corona virus cases have been registered until 15th July 2021. Although the admission rates in the hospital among the children is remained low, along with 1.3 percent of the children have been treated in the hospital for the corona virus disease.

The deaths of the children after contracting with the virus are lower than the adults in the country, along with the mortality rates among the children is accounting for around 0.26 percent of those numbers recorded, and the eight states having high vaccination rates have been reported no deaths of the children.

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The report says, the severe illness because of the novel corona virus cases has been rare among the children, and there has also been an urgent need for the purpose of collecting more data on the long-term impacts of the novel corona virus pandemic on the children, which is also including the ways in which, the corona virus might be responsible for harming the long-term physical health of the children along with the mental and emotional health effects.