Report: Ford to Layoff 3,000 Staff in the US and India


According to the report, Ford is laying off around 3,000 employees and contract workers, with the layoffs primarily affecting staff in the United States, India, and Canada. Bill Ford, chairman of Ford, and Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, that they have sent a memo informing the staff of the layoffs.

Bill Ford and Jim Farley said building this future requires reshaping and changing all the aspects of the way they have operated for more than a century. They said it requires clarity, focus, and speed, as they have discussed in recent months, and it means redeploying the resources and addressing their cost structure, which is uncompetitive against new and traditional competitors.

Around 2,000 salaried jobs and 1,000 agency jobs will be affected, and it is still not clear how the cuts may be spread across Ford Blue that, which manages its internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and Ford Model E that manages its electric vehicles.

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Ford has created Ford Model E and Ford Blue. The company said that it will continue to build out its ICE vehicle portfolio with Ford Blue to drive profitability and growth, while Ford Model E will now accelerate innovation and delivery of breakthrough electric vehicles at scale.