Report: Apple Facing Challenges for its Make in India iPhone Plans


Apple is expanding its presence in India with the assistance of its vendors and local partners like the Tata Group because the company sees India as a key production hub in the coming years. However, the company that makes the iPhone is gradually realizing how much work is required to meet its quality standards. Apple is having trouble obtaining the iPhone components in good condition.

The issue has been observed at Tata’s casing factory, where Apple’s high-quality standards have not yet been met. Apple’s goal of having no defects, according to the report, is not met by the 50 percent yield in production. In addition, Apple has encountered difficulties with infrastructure, tariffs, and logistics.

Experts have stated that the local supplier ecosystem and workforce must be skilled to handle such applications for companies like Apple to fully manufacture in India, even with Foxconn. With the iPhone SE model in 2017, the company began the make in India iPhone journey. In the year 2023, the company produces the most recent vanilla iPhone models that are sold in India.

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However, in order for India to contribute to the management of the demand load for global markets through exports, the company would require additional support from the Tata Group and the government. Apple also intends to gradually use the Indian base to manufacture the MacBook, iPad, and AirPods.

The company is also getting close to opening its first set of retail locations in the country. The first one is said to be in Mumbai, and the next one is probably in Delhi. Tim Cook has repeatedly stated Apple’s bullish outlook on the Indian market over the past few years. Additionally, the company will also need to further promote local manufacturing if it truly wishes to establish a strong foothold in India.