Report: Amber Heard Appeals Johnny Depp Defamation Verdict


Six months after the trial, a report claims that Amber Heard has appealed the Virginia court’s verdict of 10 million dollars for defamation against Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp’s own appeal was filed less than a month after Amber Heard’s appeal.

Six months after a jury determined that Amber Heard was liable for defaming Johnny Depp, she has replaced nearly all of her legal team, and the new legal team is promoting the First Amendment. She will also take Penney Azcarate, the trial court judge, to task. According to some documents, Amber Heard stated that the verdict will undoubtedly chill a number of other women who wish to discuss abuse by powerful men.

Even if this court disagrees with the entire case, the document states that the jury’s decision to award Johnny Depp 10 million dollars in compensatory damages and 5 million dollars in punitive damages clearly reflected the limited amount of time Johnny Depp had to recover.

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In the meantime, Johnny Depp has submitted documents to appeal the Amber Heard verdict from the same trial. Through his attorney, Johnny Depp has defamed Heard, which led to Amber Heard receiving the countersuit claim.

Johnny Depp argued in the documents that the court should overturn the actress’ counterclaim judgment because he was in favour of the jury’s decision otherwise.